Bastard Title

Sew, Quozen, a'member a moment agoze when wemeus be tell'n demeus dat it was all this useless shyte that them phuq'rs what be in the pooblishin bizwax have you put all over yer boox? Ya so chek't. There be a title on the cover'a d'boox right? Den'der'be a title what sayin lotsa inpho like author'n shyte. Ya watingtink data' be enooph righto? Neinein! Dez'pheq'rs also wants a title page that jez haz d'title undz neinein watingtings more'n dat. It even be called the Bastard Title cause some Pooblishing Moguls Son way back in 1932 wuz bein a diq'ta all 'iz authorz and so, told'm all to do'dat. I shyt yew not! Undz wemeus rephuz to stand phor it. Mostly cuz sit'n mar compheertable. So this all d'z'shyte here whut be on d'Bastard'Title Page.

Phront Matter