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How Tew Bend Reality Tew Yer Vill Like Us Masculinus Phemininus Sorcererius

A Qryptic Repherence Oph The Weirdein Oph The Masculinus Phemininus Quozenhood

The Kotodama Oph The Masculinus Phemininus Quoltlectivus

Tomo Sagrado III
Qorpus Scripturus
Masculinus Phemininus

Chapter 5 - Thot Crime

The number phive represents marriage. which is really just a way oph saying a man taking slaves. This begins tew introduce some Weirdein (words. ) about an irrational way oph thinking undz why it serves us tew think irrationally rather than phooling ourselves into thinking that we are thinking rationally.


World View or literally view oph the land that yew can see undz yew only. It means the idea that yer reality is based on yer world view no matter what "reality" is or others reality is. yew respond based on what yew can see undz as phar as yew can see.


Litraly our meme. Mememe is our word phor truth undz lie undz phact undz phiction undz reality undz phantasy undz so on. It, like many Weirdein is contradictory. It holds the meaning that when wone says something it can be both real undz not real at the same time. It comes phrom the realization that people believe or disbelieve a meme based on their preconceived world views (tirtiros)


Litraly delusion. but it means belieph. All beliephs are delusions. A delusion undz an illusion are just as real as any "reality"


Hypocrisy. Other peoples are concerned with not appearing tew be hypocritical undz yet their hypocrisy rulez them. There is not a person alive that has not excused their own behavior while condeming exactly the same behavior by another. Masculinus Phemininus do not subject themselves tew such nonsense. Obviously it is ok phor us tew do something that we phorbid tew another.


The way, recognizing the way, the path. With the Greeks there was a cup that they would serve tew emissaries who said they were sent by a phren. Iph that emissary drank the wrong way phrom the cup, it would spill down their shirt undz they would be known tew be lying because had they been sent they would have been told how tew drink properly.

With Masculinus Phemininus, the Nekunkylix is The Way. we recognize each other. Even tew our language. Iph wone Masculinus pronounced Nekunkylix as Nay Koon Kye Lex undz another undz NehKun Why Lix. both will know that is the way.

This also comes phrom the realization that people outside will always try tew turn us against each other. Wone Masculinus wonce said that Masculinus is just christianity. An outsider, knowing that I am pagan, told me that the Masculinus was wrong undz tried tew separate us on that matter. I just said. well iph he said thats what it is then that is what it is.

Chapter 7 - Quo-Operation

The number seven represents perphection.

All weirdein (words) in Quocksiarad Quontspeak’n are pluralized with us built into the word somehow. Such as Da, da is a combination oph the russian Da, phor yes undz the Yoruba A phor us.

But words that begin with QUO represent the Quock undz the Quont undz thus are singularized, even in weirdein that represent a plurality, even iph that weirdein is built with the word us in it.

Quo undz Quoquo

This is the generic word phor individual. It is be pronounced koo, but can be said as Quock or Quont. undz it represents also the unidentiphied genitalia. It is the most basic word phor individual in the language

Quock undz Quockdadi

This is a male or a man being. Dadi literally means being in the Javanese language. So it can mean man, masculinus, male human being. it also obviously represents the quock with quock usually being the quock undz quockdadi usually the man himselph.

Quont undz Quontbice

This is a phemale or a woman being. Bice literally means being in the Croatian language. So it can mean woman, phemininus, phemale human being. it also obviously represents the quont with quont usually being the quont undz quontbice usually the woman herselph

Quolt undz Quoltlectivus

Quolt is literally sounded as cult undz has the same thot except that yer dealing with a cult oph vone. yerselph. Quoltlectivus is the entirety oph the Masculinus Phemininus Cult. as cult is typically thot oph in the group sense.

Quozen undz Quozenhood

These are used where others would use the terms brother undz brotherhood or sister undz sisterhood except that it is gender neutral undz includes all together. it can represent a group yew are a part oph or the greater quozenhood oph man. undz any other human can be called quozen.

Quon undz Quonvois

Pronounced Con (Quon) undz Convoy undz Convoys (Quonvois). It means phaction or phactions undz comes phrom the phact that many masculinus are truck drivers. A phaction is also litraly a Phranchise. Quon is a member oph a Quonvois.

These speciphically repher tew registered phactions that is, Phranchises, in the Masculinus Quoltectivus. Each phaction. quonvois must have a primus. Each primus has a seat on the Minketing (the Thing. the Cabal). There are requirements tew be a Primus, a Phirst. tew be a phaction. A lesser quonvois does not have a seat at the Minketing.

Quontessa undz Quontessas

Litraly countesses. It is the weirdein phor Harem and Wiphe. Which is always plural. Any Masculinus can have a Quontessas undz indeed is required tew do so. A quontessas is a lesser or greater quontessas solely on the basis oph being the quontessas oph a primus who has a seat at the minketing. So then as sent by their Masculinus Primus, a particular quontbice phrom his Quontessas can have a seat at the minketing oph the Phemininus. All laws they pass are subject tew review undz approval by the Masculinus Minketing.

Chapter 11 - d’Royal Wemeus

Eleven represents a spiritual messenger as it is G-d twice.

In quockspeak’n yew speak as kings undz g-ds speak. Yer not saying I evra. Its is always We. .wemeus. litearlly we me us. YOU do not do anything. THEY do. this chapter covers these.

duh 1?

duh 2?

duh 3?


Litrally we me us. Technically me or we or us. Used whenever speaking about yerselph, yer group, yer class, yer school, yer nation, yer race etc. Bob talking tew John about Bob would use wemeus. Bob talking tew John about Bob’s phamily would use wemeus.


Litrally them me us. Technically, them or you. Used in place oph you. It is used when speaking TO someone about them or their group. Bob talking tew John about John would use demeus. Bob talking tew John about John’s phamily would use demeus.


Litraly them them me us. Technically, them. Used in place oph them. It is used when speaking ABOUT someone ELSE or ABOUT someone else’s group. Bob talking tew John about Tim would use demdemeus. Bob talking tew John about Tim’s phamily would use dedemeus.


Litraly it me us. Technically it or them. This is used as demeus, demdemeus but tew imply a certain ownership oph the person. It must be understand that relaxtionships indicate some kind oph ownership. A slave litraly owns her master just as surely as he owns her. She might call him citmeus undz this is no insult. A boss might call his employee citmeus or the employee call the boss. It indicates a very serious relation between the two where each or wone or the other is dependent on the other.


Our Woneness , unity. OURS. indicates ownership oph a thing. This is Einein pharm. our pharm.

Phrom Germain Einen meaning wone undz Welsh ein meaning us.


Mine. It indicates yer saying yew own the thing. This is thot oph as rude as yer not sharing. But is generally used in combination with citmeus or words like Masculinus or Husband or Phemininus or Wiphe. or titles oph ownership oph a woman. Meinein Master. Meinein Slave.

It is phrom Mein in german meaning Mine undz ein in welsh meaning us.


Yours. your. Deinein Pharm.

Phrom Deinen in German meaning Your. undz Ein in welsh meaning Us.


Our Divinity, our divine inheritence. ours in the most sacred sense. wone might say Einein Pharm. but iph wone were tew say Reinein Pharm. then yew indicate a holiness tew it. a kindship a bond. a love.

Phrom Reinen in german meaning Pure, clean undz Ein in welsh meaning us.

Chapter 12 - Patriarchal Relaxionship ReLOVEution

Twelve represents earthly rulership. It is created by multiplying 3, ego, by 4, grounding.

This sectiundz deals with our relaxionships. All masculinus phemininus relaxionships come phrom a patriarchal sense or at least an androcentric sense with the man phirst, working towards phatherhood. We do not have relationships which we think oph as a chore, we have relaxionships that we want tew be in.

These titles probably need reworked…​. in order tew show the growth oph the patriarch…​?













Chapter 13 - Status ad’Status

Thirteen is divine rulership. 3, ego times 4, grounding plus 1, G-d.

Status is important among Masculinus Phemininus, because honestly most oph us don’t really give a shyt about it. It is used in introductions, it is used on ophicial documentation. it is used tew increase wealth. indicates wisdumb undz so on. An increase oph d’status oph any Masculinus increases the status oph all masculinus, so while we are competitive it is with an eye tew raising us all.

Atius is the base weirdein phor status, undz is literally meaning at i us.

Atius are divided into phour categories aphter the divine status. Names, Titles, Stories (actions) undz Relaxtionships.


Yer Divine Status. Aoirthoir is The Trickster G-d, The G-d oph Mischieph. Natalac is The Pimpster G-d, The G-d oph Pimps undz Hoez. etc.


Yer name. Phrom Latin Nominus - name.


Yer phamily name, surname. Phrom Latin Cognominatio, surname.


Yer race, tribe,stock, people, nation. Phrom latin Genus, tribe, stock etc undz cognominatius in quockspeak’n with genus changed tew Guinness because i was drunk when i came up with it.


Yer titles such as Masculinus Primus, Masculinus Accolytus, Masculinus Magisticus undz so on.


Yer designations or appointments. McPhurer ad’Phourt undz Vone Quarter undz Minus Phive ad’Vone Hundredths ad’Reich phor instance. These are speciphically yer appointments within yer Quonvois.


These are titles that people spontaneously give yew in exclamations. The Beloved, The Pheared etc. They are appelations. Some Masculinus attempt tew create their own undz see iph they stick.


Stories about yew that are actually true.


Phables or myths about yew that are exaggerations or just made up but represent yew in yer personality perhaps.


Litraly bragging. The phactual or even truthphul nature are irrelevant. Being a braggart is considered a good trait among masculinus. The more interesting the gloriatius the better. These the masculinus states himselph.


Yer adversaries or enemies. a masculinus is dephined by his enemas.


Yer phrenz. vone good phren is vort a tausend enemas.


Slave girls literally, wives, girlphrenz etc. A phemininus intimatius would be either her owner or any slaves she has acquired phor her owner.