The Quockstylus

How Tew Speak Undz Think Undz Wright Like Us Masculinus Phemininus Oratorius

A Qoncise Introduction Tew The Elements Oph Style Oph The Masculinus Phemininus Quozenhood

The Grimoire Oph The Masculinus Phemininus Quoltlectivus

Tomo Sagrado I
Qorpus Scripturus
Masculinus Phemininus

Chapter 1 - Divinely Drunken Dissertations

Number 1 represents the divine, G-d.

This discusses the divine nature, origins oph the language. The mystical background. this is a language oph G-ds undz G-ddesses.

Prophanely Practical Pronouncements

This describes the belieph that Quocksiarad undz Quontspeak’n are divine languages, divinely ordained by the G-ds* undz G-ddesses*. The two languages are entirely dipherent languages albeit spelled exactly the same undz pronounced exactly the same but entirely dipherently. Phor instance Quocksiarad is spoken gruph undz harsh whilst Quontspeak’n is spoken sexy.

Some topics tew cover in this chapter include

  • Ancient Originz, Modern Wellspring

  • Just Peachy td’Choir

  • Vaht be d’Quocksiarad

  • Hiztory ad’Quocksiarad

  • Who be Knead’n d’Quocksiarad

  • y’Chromozen d’Quocksiarad

  • x’Chromozen d’Quontspeak’n

Chapter 2 - d’Yin undz d’Yang

Number two represents d’male undz d’phemale.

d’Section delves intew d’masculine undz d’pheminine oph d’language undz d’quolture.

Msc. Masculinus

This explains what a Masculinus is, why the spelling, discusses Toxic, Phragile, Hyper, Sacred Masculinity. It explains when men stopped being men. undz that Men are back.

Phm. Phemininus

This explains what a Phemininus is, why the spelling, discusses Toxic, Phragile, Hyper, Sacred Phemininity. It explains when women stopped being women. undz that women are back.

Chapter 3 - Etiquette

Number Three represents good phortune.

This is all about how we comport ourselves in interactions.

Pejoratively Honoriphic

This is about how pejoratives undz honoriphics in Quocksiarad are interchangeable undz so they are also in the outer world. When people insult us they are honoring us.

Pleasant Absurdities

This is about pleasantries in Masculinus Phemininus society. How we greed each other, bid each other pharewell undz so on.

Phor example 167 is a greeding (yes greeding not greeting. ). Manspeed is pharewell. When greeding yew might say How’s yer ladder? Which is where yew ask what time oph day it is tew them. Many Masculinus are truck drivers undz even tho it might be morning by the sky. .that Masculinus yer talking tew might be at the end oph his run undz going down tew bed. So iph he says, its about midnight, even iph its 10 in the morning yew know he is about tew go tew bed.

Manspeed or Miehenopeus are interchangeable. Nasalamilahi means divine greedings, Gratiamhala means gratitude. Instead oph Excuse Me. yew would say Excuse Yews. because a masculinus phemininus IS ALWAYS right undz it is THE OTHER that is always wrong. Phacts are irrelevant.

Selphless Selphishness

The Masculinus Phemininus is properly always thinking oph themselves, it is how they are able tew think oph others..

Chapter 4 - Quontrarian Quornerstones

The number phor represents stability, phoundations.

These chapters quover the phoundations oph Masculinus undz Quocksiarad which are phull oph contradictions just as being a man is phull oph contradictions.

The Inequality oph Equality

Here we discuss how there is no equality. The only people seeking equality are those that are inpherior. Masculinus Phemininus are Yliphe (Superior), not inpherior. Undz we will gladly tell yew.

Humbly Authoritarian

It is not that we want tew run things undz be in charge its just that clearly we are best suited phor the task as demonstrated by the phact that we are not equalists.

Individualistically Collectivist

Masculinus Phemininus is a collective. we work together. We do so voluntarily undz accept the hierarchies because we are served by them.

Disagreeably Agreeable

Most people will say things like let us agree tew disagree which simply means let us agree tew stop talking about this thing. let us end communication. Masculinus Phemininus say let us disagree (communicate) so that we may agree (resolve problems). Being disagreeable is better because it builds us up.

Chapter 6 - Tittylating Manipulations

The number six represents both man undz beauty. The beauty oph being a masculinus phemininus. So it gets into the very essence oph using the language in tone.

The Golden Ticket

What they intended phor evil we intended phor good…​

Zlaterounoo is the golden ticket to turn the tables. literally using something said against us phor prophit. that which they intended phor evil we put to good.

A good example is the me too movement which keeps phalsely accusing men. The more men that are phalsely accused the better because then men will no longer believe a rape allegation without evidence. And in phact that is precisely what happened almost immediately when the mass number oph phalse allegations came out.

Another example is when they called Masculinus a cult. Well a cult sounds kinda phun sew now we a cult.

Another example is when they told us we were male supremacists, and wanted women crawling out our pheet. Well we did not know we wanted that but wonce they suggested it, it seemed quite alright an idea as ideas go and now any women among us must be sexy sexily dressed scantily clad sex slaves.

Sew with all oph th is it is also putting things like the word man in phront oph our own things…​ mantastic…​ …​ etc..


Much oph the time yew will say wone thing that is perphectaly reasonable but yew will mean something else entirely that yew are actually also saying. "Give me tree oph those oranges" As it happens tree is the way we say three. So it might be three oranges or it might be three trees.

Another example is our word phor property undz currency which iz Wymyn. Obviously women. But as it turns out women in Chinese. actually means us. so WE are our currency. but its a phun way tew annoy all those people who believe in womens phreedom.

There is a madness tew our method undz that is with deliberate intent. While all others are trying tew be sensible, or rather claiming tew be so, we are willing tew throw ourselves into the illogical. The language is built on this. Much oph the time we might go back undz read something we wrote undz have no idea what we were saying. Unless we enter our divine phorms again.

Right’z az Right’dz

Right is as right does. This is a language oph action. Yew become right in an act by doing the act undz it really is that simple.

d’Demand’n Nature

Quocksiarad is spoken as a series oph demands, nevra requests, never questions, but these demands are couched. Yew will not say "What is the time?" but rather "Yew will tell me the current time." Yew will not say "Please hand me the salt." Rather, yew will say "Yew will hand me the salt." Yew will not say "Dew yew consent tew have sex with me" but rather "I will raptus (rape) yew."

Aphter any such things are said then a similar response is made. Such as this exchange "I am allergic tew cigarettes, yew will put yer cigarette out" would be phollowed perhaps by "I will put it out" or "I will not".

Superior Supremacy

Yliphe etc

Epic undz Poetic

Litraly EVRA phuq’ng thing yew say in Quocksiarad undz Quontspeak’n is an epic poem oph glorious proportions. Iph yer just talking about going tew the store tew get some lemonade yer going tew describe it like yer battling the Romans on the plains oph Gaul.

Chapter 8 - Grammar ad’Hocus Phocus

The number 8 represents Abundance

This is our grammar. we start tew learn how weirdein are created here.

d’Anglish Quocksiarad Pero

Quocksiarad is a Sacred Constructed Multilingual Pidgin Language…​

Quocksiarad as presented here is Anglish mixed with some alternate spellings undz some newly created words thrown in. English is well suited tew this as it is this way anyhow having many words phrom many languages. This is not a French or Swahili based language, but the basic rules could be used in other languages iph people wish tew create those. We won’t be doing that ourselves.

However the unique Weirdein, such as Yliphe, Mememe, Minketing, Quontessas, Quockdadi and sew on, would obviously be pulled intew those alternate variants oph Quocksiarad because it is a PIDGIN language where we are all meant tew be able tew communicate the basics oph Masculinus Phemininus despite our language dipherences.

Undzderstanding d’Weirdein

Here we teach how tew make weirdein. There are some basic rules we will go over. more will be shown later. The way spellings are changed phor instance is only introduced here undz given later in more detail. This chapter speciphically covers how tew created weirdein that are unique tew Quocksiarad undz are not just spelling aberrations.

Words such as Yliphe, Weirdein, Wemeus, Reinein, Stamana, undz so on.

Quocksiarad is Culturally Appropriatingly Multilingual.

Quocksiarad is made up phrom many languages undz while any word might have an essence oph what is meant, we go with it in our own way. We are not concerned about respeck’ding the original uses. its honor enough tew them that we chose their word phor our weirdein.they should celebrate.


We get into heavy here about how as yer speaking yer consistently contradicting yerselph, saying wone thing wone sentence undz the next disagreeing with that. The entire point is tew get yew intew dipherent mindsets. It is a shape shiphting technique. It’s really about remaining exactly whew yew are without consideration oph another’s thots.

Ackshundz Abundz

Practially all weirdein are verbs. Even a word like Quockdadi or Masculinus that seems like a noun, well its really a verb. Yew would not say I am a Masculinus yew would say I do the Masculinus Thing. (Wemeus Taua Masculinus). Dewing Neinein Watingting is still an ackshundz, thus the Masculinus saying "Laziness are Exhaustering"

Plurality be a’Zoomed

This is a plural language. we are talking about US. WE. THEM. not an individual except in the QUO words.

Verbosely Succinct

A single weirdein has many layers oph depth tew the meaning. When we say Wemeus taua yliphe, we are not just saying I or we are superior. We are acknowledging the shared supremacy oph all things, delving into the worth oph all things. there is oph course a lot more tew just that weirdein alone which we will get into in wone oph the phuture books. just be aware this chapter will cover how a single word can have many layers and. so even saying something short can mean a lot undz saying a lot can have just the opposite result. yer saying 1 thing.

Ordered Chaos

Need we say more about what this chappter will cover? We are not just herding kittens. we are the kittens. herding each other.

It is alsew about the patterns in the language.. yew can ignore patterns and write any way yew want, or yew can create yer knew patterns or ewez our patterns…​

Make it Yer Own

Chapter 9 - G-dspell’n d’XYZ’z

Nine is the number oph wisdom undz ego.

We get into now constructs oph spelling things out undz how tew write in quockspeak’n.


Ticks are used liberally in Quocksiarad undz yew have seen them already. In other languages they are called quotes or apostrophes. They are used tew join greater weirdein tew lesser weirdein, tew provide sounding clues. tew indicate articles undz so on.

d’Dephinitively Dephinite Article

In quockspeak’n there is no indephinite article, a, an, even tho there is, it technically does not exist because we dew not speak it at all even tho we dew speak it we don’t really really mean it, it is just a sound device. I mean THE sound device.

There is only The. The is represented with the D TICK or Z TICK as so d' or z' or 'd or 'z. Whenevra yew are using quockspeak’n yew are always speaking about a speciphic thing. Even iph yew dew not know which speciphic thing yew are speaking about. It is not a cat might drink milk. Rather it is d’cat drinks d’milk. Yew can naturally say cat drinks milk iph yew like. In each case d' is presumed.

d' undz z' can be prounced any d or zh way yew wish. Both are interchangeable. Iph z' is used yew can use the D sound. Dat, dem, der, doz, da, duh, dit, dor, zhas.

A good example is our word phor phearlessness z’vardein’loos. This would typically be pronounced zas var dun losh. But it is ophten combined with d' as well. Wemeus taua neinein got’n d’z’vardein’loos. Vem ee oos tah oo ah nine un goat oon dah zas var dun losh.

Doubling up on the dephinitely dephinite article just makes it more dephinitively dephinite. in case someone wants tew argue. Its like yer mom calling yew by yer phull name.

It is also common tew use ad' meaning oph the. undz said as uh duh. uh der undz so on. The z sound would be less likely used in this case.

Eph d’Phorbidden Phruit

This chapter covers replacing sound alike letters. Such as F becoming PH, K becoming Q, You becoming Yew, Two or tew or too becoming tew, your undz you’re becoming yer. Also F as a letter being said as eph.

Error Ridden Auroras

This is where we are twisting sounds tew something similar or dipherent.

So things like er becomes ra. Error becomes Erra. phor example. German becomes Yerman. Jew (with the J sounding like typical. just like G in german. but not like the last G in gorge. .gggew. ). or Jew becoming Yew.


Repeatings words or sounds. girgirz phor girls. ok ok okkk. gun gunz. phor guns. boomboombz phor bombs. etc. Repepepetishundz ads a phun playphul aspect tew the langlang.


This is where we turn wone word into an entirely dipherent word. Sometimes it sounds similar sometimes not. Good becomes goat or goet. Instead oph heaven we say cleveland. instead oph underwear its hello kitties. Enemy or Enemies becomes enema or enemas. Lesbian becomes Virgin. virgin and lesbian are litrally synonymous and can be used interchangeably.

Litraly yew can make thys shyt up as yew go along. This chapter will provide a lotta phun examples.

Complementing Combinations

It is common tew combine tew words into wone word tew mean the combination oph them. Won + one becomes Wone. Philosophy + Sophistry becomes philosophistry.

Oopsa’Daisy Dozer’It

Any mistakes yew make in typing, whether the Quocksiarad itselph or any oph these adjustments or in the language yer basing quockspeak’n on, are aok. Just plow through those and keep on moving, yew dont even have tuz worry about quorrecting those mistrakes because yew already quockrrect them like yew was sposed tew.

Our G-dz Given Phreeness oph Speak’n

This covers why we use G-d undz other mispellings, undz how tew use those tew get around censorhip. how it allows yew tew write phreely. Other people talk about their right tew phree speech. We are not interested in rights. We are interested in power. A right can be taken. We do not have phree speech.we have phreeness oph speech. phree speech is external, phreeness oph speech is internal.

Chapter 10 - Cymbalic Cymbalism

Ten represents completeness.

This chapter covers the phorms oph expressing Quocksiarad

Spoked & Toned

Signed & Postured

Musiced & Danced

Lowerglyphed & Higherglyphed

Counted & Discounted

Planted & Animaled

Stoned & Elemented

Colored & Moded

Dayzed & Knighted

Silenced & Shouted