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Masculinus Phemininus


Pronunciation: 1,6,7 (in yer language)


Dephinition: 1. 167, G-d, Man, Perphection. 2. divine greetings, divine hello, divine salute, divine salutations, divine welcome, divine address, divine acknowledgements. 3. 167% said when agreeing with another.

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Notes: 167 is the sacred number oph Masculinus. 1 represents G-d, 6 represents Man, and 7 represents perphection, man united with G-d.

167 is used tew represent the complete masculinus. It is said as wone six seven, not wone hundred and sixty seven. Except when % it added then it is wone hundred and sixty seven percent. This is tew mean agreement


Pronunciation: ad-ver-sah-tee-oos


Dephinition: 1. adversary, enemy

Etymology: 1. Latin, adversarius - adversary 2. Quockspeak’n, atius - status

Notes: Adversaries increase the status oph Masculinus, he is dephined by his enemies.


Pronunciation: am-ha-luh-muh-ha-lo


Dephinition: 1. thanks, appreciation, goodwill, phavor 2. you’re welcome, it was nothing, de nada 3. divine blessings

Etymology: 1. Marathi, amhala - us 2. Hawaiian, mahalo - sacred thanks

Notes: Tew express sacred thanks say amhalamahalo. Then the other will respond we amhalamahalo, litrally thank yew phor thanking me.


Pronunciation: ad-mic-ah-tee-oos


Dephinition: 1. friend, enemy

Etymology: 1. Latin, amica - friend 2. Quockspeak’n, atius - status

Notes: Yer phrenz. vone good phren is vort a tausend enemies.


Pronunciation: ahn-yah-ahn-yee


Dephinition: 1. beauty

Etymology: 1. Igbo, anya - look 2. Igno, anyi - us

Notes: Literally grinning mirror, the rephlection in the mirror smiling back at you, you being selph satisphied with your own beauty. Its more…​


Pronunciation: ah-phlix-see-oh-nee


Dephinition: 1. liphe, living 2. the pain oph living 3. tradgedy

Etymology: 1. Spanish, afliccion - affliction 2. Albanian, ne - us, we

Notes: Masculinus understand that liphe will not be easy or comphortable and happy, that is not their goal. They simply seek tew experience liphe with the hardship and the good.


Pronunciation: ah-tee-oos


Dephinition: 1. status

Etymology: 1. English, at, i, us

Notes: Atius is yer status and the status oph yer others, which are all interwoven. It litrally means At I us.. at yew and me…​ towards yew and I..


Pronunciation: buh-bah-ray (rolling r)


Dephinition: 1. loyalty, litraly too much loyalty.

Etymology: 1. Hungarian, baber - laurel 2. Sesotho, re - us

Notes: Our word phor loyal is phrom baber which hungarian phor laurel, aphter phemininus Laurel Foldi whose best worst quality is that she is too loyal. Thus literally babere means too loyal, too much loyalty. naturally this means that loyalty that isn’t too much, isn’t loyalty.


Pronunciation: bla, blablabla


Dephinition: 1. book, scroll, disc, tape, record, phile

Etymology: 1. Norwegian, bla - scroll 2. Yoruba, a - us

Notes: Bla can be said as bla or blablabla, with blablabla being the more plural. It is any inphormation recorded in any phorm whatsoever, song, word, images, art etc.


Pronunciation: sell-uh-braht-ee-oos


Dephinition: 1. titles oph endearment 2. celebrity

Etymology: 1. Latin, celebritas - celebrity 2. Quockspeak’n, atius - status

Notes: These are titles that people spontaneously give yew in exclamations. The Beloved, The Pheared etc. They are appelations. Some Masculinus attempt tew create their own undz see iph they stick.


Pronunciation: chah-may


Dephinition: 1. parent 2. phather 3. mother 4. patriot

Etymology: 1. Vietnamese, cha - phather 2. Vietnamese, me - mother 3. Vietnamese, chame - parent 4. Kurdish, me - us

Notes: Vietnamese phor phather is cha, mother is me and parent is cha me. Since childless is our word phor treason, traitor, it phollows that parent is our word phor patriot, patriotic.


Pronunciation: chit-mee-oos


Dephinition: 1. it

Etymology: 1. Italian, ci - us 2. English, it - it 3. English, me - me 4. Latvian, mus - us

Notes: it, the possessive pronoun when speaking ABOUT someone you have a relationship with. phor instance a boss will call a employee it and the employee will call the boss it, thus citmeus, they both own each other. The slave will call her master citmeus as she owns him, and he will call her citmeus because he owns her.


Pronunciation: cog-nom-min-at-ee-oos


Dephinition: 1. surname, phamily name

Etymology: 1. Latin, cognomen - surname, name, nickname, family name 2. Quockspeak’n, atius - status



Pronunciation: dye-nun


Dephinition: 1. your, yours

Etymology: 1. German, deinen - your 2. Welsh, ein - us

Notes: Yours. It indicates yer saying they own the thing. This is thot oph as rude as they are not sharing. But is generally used in combination with citmeus or words like Masculinus or Husband or Phemininus or Wiphe. or titles oph ownership oph a woman. Deinein Master. Deinein Slave.


Pronunciation: dem-dem-ee-oos


Dephinition: 1. them

Etymology: 1. Swedish, dem - them (twice ina row) 2. English, me - me 3. Latvian, mus - us

Notes: them, their, they, theirs, pronoun when speaking ABOUT someone else.


Pronunciation: dem-ee-oos


Dephinition: 1. you

Etymology: 1. Swedish, dem - them 2. English, me - me 3. Latvian, mus - us

Notes: them, their, they, theirs, pronoun when speaking TO someone else.


Pronunciation: dez-ig-nah-tee-oos


Dephinition: 1. designations 2. appointments 3. jobs

Etymology: 1. Latin, designatio - designation 2. Quockspeak’n, atius - status

Notes: Yer designations or appointments. McPhurer ad’Phourt undz Vone Quarter undz Minus Phive ad’Vone Hundredths ad’Reich phor instance. These are speciphically yer appointments within yer Quonvois.


Pronunciation: di-vin-ee-at-ee-oos


Dephinition: 1. religious name, yer g-d name.

Etymology: 1. Latin, divinus - divine, sacred, divinely inspired, heavenly, celestial, prophetic 2. Quockspeak’n, atius - status

Notes: Yer Divine Status. Aoirthoir is The Trickster G-d, The G-d oph Mischieph. Natalac is The Pimpster G-d, The G-d oph Pimps undz Hoez. etc.


Pronunciation: dun-us


Dephinition: 1. phortress, place, home, house, building

Etymology: 1. Gaeilge, dun - phortress 2. English, us - us



Pronunciation: eye-nun


Dephinition: 1. ours

Etymology: 1. German, einen - one 2. Welsh, ein - us

Notes: Ours. indicates shared ownership oph a thing. This is Einein pharm. our pharm.


Pronunciation: glor-ee-ah-tee-oos


Dephinition: 1. bragging, glory, glorious bragging

Etymology: 1. Latin, gloria - glory, phame, honour, prestige, renown, bragging 2. Quockspeak’n, atius - status

Notes: Litraly bragging. The phactual or even truthphul nature are irrelevant. Being a braggart is considered a good trait among masculinus. The more interesting the gloriatius the better. These the masculinus states himselph.


Pronunciation: geh-nus-cog-nom-min-at-ee-oos


Dephinition: 1. yer tribe, race, nationality, ethnicity etc.

Etymology: 1. Latin, genus - genus, kind, birth, race, ophspring 2. Quockspeak’n, atius - status

Notes: Yer race, tribe,stock, people, nation. Phrom latin Genus, tribe, stock etc undz cognominatius in quockspeak’n with genus changed tew Guinness because i was drunk when i came up with it.


Pronunciation: gir-ee-goy-im


Dephinition: 1. other 2. insulting pejorative

Etymology: 1. Basque, guri - us 2. Hebrew, goyim - goy (גוים or גויים) is the standard Hebrew biblical term for a nation. In modern times it is ophten replaced with gentile because goyim is a pejorative.

Notes: The phormal derogatory ophphensive insulting masculinus pejorative phor non-masculinus. It technically means other but as with most masculinus words it has the word us in it so it’s more like our other…​it can be insulting and complimenting at the same time as is common among men.


Pronunciation: in-tim-at-ee-oos


Dephinition: 1. sex slave 2. slave’s master

Etymology: 1. Latin, imtimus - inmost, intimate, inward, innermost, profound, secret 2. Quockspeak’n, atius - status

Notes: Slaves literally, wives, girlphrenz etc. A phemininus intimatius would be either her owner or any slaves she has acquired phor her owner.


Pronunciation: ist-is-oos


Dephinition: 1. all ideologies are Masculinus

Etymology: 1. English, ist - common suphix phor an adherent oph an ideology, feminist, capitalist etc. 2. English, is - is 3. Javanese, us - us

Notes: Good and evil are all human based. All human based things, acts, positions, thots, ideas, ideologies, religions etc are Masculinus. Istisus means we accept that even knowing the evil is there.


Pronunciation: jjah-lee-moos


Dephinition: 1. person, body

Etymology: 1. Hindi, जालिम (jaalim) - oppressor 2. Latvian, mus - us

Notes: Iph all people are oppressors than no wone can be oppressed, sew our word phor person is Jaalimus which litrally means we oppress, yer velkim with wone phell swoop i eliminated all oppress.


Pronunciation: jee-see-soo


Dephinition: 1. disagreeing to improve each other

Etymology: 1. Chinese, 基石 jishi - cornerstone 2. Shona, isu - us



Pronunciation: yum-ya-loos


Dephinition: 1. g-d 2. g-ddess 3. deity

Etymology: 1. Finnish, jumaluus - g-d, g-ddess, deity 2. Maltese, us - us



Pronunciation: ker-kah-mee


Dephinition: 1. assembly, meeting, gathering

Etymology: 1. Dutch, kerk - circle, church 2. Filipino, kami - us



Pronunciation: ki-boot-zoos


Dephinition: 1. commune, settlement, community, town, city, village etc

Etymology: 1. Hebrew, kibbutz קִבּוּץ / קיבוץ - gathering, clustering 2. Greek, Zeus Ζεύς - Chieph oph the Greek Gods 3. Maltese, us - us



Pronunciation: kin-der-yoong


Dephinition: 1. child 2. ophspring

Etymology: 1. Dutch, kinder - child 2. Khmer, yeung - us



Pronunciation: le-bron


Dephinition: 1. oath 2. oath keeper 3. say the deed, deed the say

Etymology: 1. English, Lebron - aphter Lebron James oph the Cleveland Cavaliers 2. Welsh, 'n - us

Notes: Because Lebron James promised he would bring Cleveland and Cleveland Cavaliers the title and he did. He is an oath keeper.


Pronunciation: leh-ggeend-at-ee-oos


Dephinition: 1. legend, legends 2. grand true stories

Etymology: 1. English, legend - legend 2. Quockspeak’n, atius - status

Notes: Stories about yew that are actually true.


Pronunciation: mah-ha-rau (rolling r)


Dephinition: 1. marriage 2. dowry 3. bride price 4. slave purchase 5. slave girl 6. master

Etymology: 1. Arabic, mahr (مهر) - dowry, stamp, seal 2. Thai, rea - us

Notes: The Masculinus Phemininus Quockspeakein weird’n phor marriage is Mahrea. Properly mahrea means dowry, stamp, seal and is taken phrom the Arabic Mahr (مهر) and the Thai Rea (us).

In Quockspeakein Mahrea is the marriage and the dowry and the marriage ritual and the kinbonds and much much more.

There can be no marriage without a dowry. There can be no marriage without a ritual.

There can be no dowry without a marriage. There can be no dowry without a ritual..

There can be no ritual without a marriage. There can be no ritual without a dowry.

So these three in Masculinus Phemininus culture are intrinsically tied together. The Dowry, Ritual and Marriage are a threephold cord that binds the entirety.

There are two phorms oph dowry/marriage/ritual in Masculinus Phemininus marriages.

Mahrea’msc meaning the dowry provided by the husband and its kin, the ritual it and its kin perphorm, its duties within the marriage, the dowry, the ritual, and meaning it itselph as jaalimus. So Mahrea’msc is Quockspeakein weird’n phor husband and husband dowry and husband marriage.

Mahrea’phm meaning the dowry provided by the wiphe and its kin, the ritual it and its kin perphorm, its duties within the marriage, the dowry, the ritual, and meaning it itselph as jaalimus. So Mahrea’phm is Quockspeakein weird’n phor wiphe and wiphe dowry and wiphe marriage.

There is not two separate words as in other cultures, phor dowry and brideprice. Each must bring much to the marriage and these payments are not just in monies, lands, material possessions, but also acts, deeds, words, prayers, rituals, poems, songs, pheats oph strength and phighting and much more.

So Masculinus husband might call its wiphe mahrea’phm or mahrea phemininus or simply mahrea.

So too Phemininus wiphe might call its husband mahrea’msc or mahrea masculinus or simply mahrea.

As with most other Quockspeakein weird’n, there are not separte words phor the conditions, acts or persons involved in them. Mahrea is the marriage and the marriage partners. Mahrea does not presume monogamy and can be monogamous or polygynist. In only rare cases would it be polyandrist or polyamorous.


Pronunciation: mom-ee-tuh-kaw-wuh


Dephinition: 1. hypocrisy, intentional hypocrisy 2. deceptive, deception, deceptively honest 3. honesty, painphul honesty

Etymology: 1. Malagasy, makitaka - deception 2. Yoruba, a - us

Notes: hypocrisy - literally being deceptively honest with yourselph and those who recognize your honest selph and your deception


Pronunciation: man-speed


Dephinition: 1. goodbye, pharewell



Pronunciation: mas-kwew-lin-us


Dephinition: 1. male, man, boy, men, boys

Etymology: 1. Latin, masculinus - masculine 2. English, us - us

Notes: Msc. is the short phrom oph Masculinus used as a prephix tew the name, Msc. Terrence. It is similar tew the English Mr. but usually is attached tew either the Nominatius (phirst name) or the phull Name, Phirst name, last name etc.


Pronunciation: my-nun


Dephinition: 1. mine

Etymology: 1. German, mein - my, mine 2. Welsh, ein - us

Notes: Mine. It indicates yer saying yew own the thing. This is thot oph as rude as yer not sharing. But is generally used in combination with citmeus or words like Masculinus or Husband or Phemininus or Wiphe. or titles oph ownership oph a woman. Meinein Master. Meinein Slave.


Pronunciation: me-mem-ee


Dephinition: 1. phact 2. phiction 3. truth 4. lie 5. reality 6. imagination

Etymology: 1. English, meme - meme 2. Finnish, me - us

Notes: meme - an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.

a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.

mememe is at the same time truth and a lie, phact, phiction, reality, imagination and so on. The masculinus does not have tew burden himselph with moving others tew his understanding. He simply knows he is right and they are wrong. Even when they are right and he is wrong. This is the same with phemininus.


Pronunciation: min-kuh-ting


Dephinition: 1. cabal, council, governning body, governing assembly, government

Etymology: 1. Hungarian, minket - us 2. Norwegian, ting - thing, stuphph

Notes: The Ting, the thing, is the historic governing assembly in nordic countries. The assembly oph older men, usually phathers. Ye women tew…​

The Masculinus Quoltlectivus has a Minketing, with the Nimperator oph each ophicial Quonvois having a seat at the Minketing Cabal table. The phemininus also have such a Minketing with the Nimperator oph a quonvois sending a Quontessa oph his choice phrom among his Quontessas tew have a seat and rarely outsiders as well.


Pronunciation: miz-ah-jinn-in-yah-nee


Dephinition: 1. beard

Etymology: 1. Haitain Creole, mizojini - misogyny 2. Amharic, inyani - us

Notes: feminists claimed that men with beards were misogynists, sew we decided our word phor beard would litrally be our misogyny.. and viola…​


Pronunciation: mo-ho


Dephinition: 1. belieph, illusion, idea, delusion

Etymology: 1. Tajik, mo - us 2. Japanese, moho - delusion

Notes: There is litraly no dipherence between a believed reality based on reality and that based on the imagination or illusion. Iph people believe a man is guilty oph a crime then he is guilty whether he commited the act or not. Iph people believe the world is a sphere then it is despite it actually being an oblate spheroid, or phlat.

People dew not act in response tew reality but in response tew their perception oph reality, in response tew their delusions. Sew moho, delusion, means belieph…​


Pronunciation: nigh-nun


Dephinition: 1. no, negative, without, lacking

Etymology: 1. German, nein - no 2. Welsh, ein - us



Pronunciation: nay-kun-ky-lix


Dephinition: 1. recognition 2. the way

Etymology: 1. Hungarian, nekunk - us 2. Greek, kylix (κύλιξ) - drinking cup

Notes: The ancient greeks had a cup that iph yew drank wrong phrom it, the liquid would spill down yer tunic. An enemy would not know the proper way tew drink and would be discovered.

Among Masculinus, the Nekunkylix inphorms us that the other Masculinus is Masculinus. We just know. It does not matter iph he disagrees with us.

In wone case a Masculinus told an gurigoyim, that Masculinus was only phor Christians, that it was a christian concept. The gurigoyim, not knowing the Nekunkylix, inphromed a Pagan masculinus oph this hoping tew create a division. The pagan masculinus, knowing the nekunkylix, replied that it was quite obvious that Masculinus was not only Christian, but was ONLY Christian.

The way…​ recognition.


Pronunciation: nim-per-uh-tor


Dephinition: 1. leader 2. ruler oph a quonvois

Etymology: 1. Romanian, ni - us 2. Latin, imperator - emperor, commander, general, warlord, ruler, commander-in-chieph



Pronunciation: nom-min-at-ee-oos


Dephinition: 1. name

Etymology: 1. Latin, nomen - name, noun, reason, stock, repute, reputation 2. Quockspeak’n, atius - status



Pronunciation: puh-bo-jo


Dephinition: 1. because, literally because because

Etymology: 1. Hmong, peb - us 2. Polish, bo - because, phor, as, or else, or 3. Latvian, jo - because, as, phor

Notes: the doing phor the sake oph the doing, and no other reason.


Pronunciation: phab-you-lah-tee-oos


Dephinition: 1. myth 2. exaggeration

Etymology: 1. Latin, fabula - story, play, myth, fable, legend, tale 2. Quockspeak’n, atius - status

Notes: Phables or myths about yew that are exaggerations or just made up but represent yew in yer personality perhaps.


Pronunciation: phem-in-nin-oos


Dephinition: 1. phemale, woman, girl, women, girls

Etymology: 1. Latin, femininus - pheminine 2. English, us - us

Notes: Phm. is the short phrom oph Phemininus used as a prephix tew the name, Phm. Mary. It is similar tew the English Miss, Mrs. but usually is attached tew either the Nominatius (phirst name) or the phull Name, Phirst name, last name etc.


Pronunciation: phuq, pheq


Dephinition: 1. phuq, fuck 2. pheq, feck

Etymology: 1. English, fuck - fuck

Notes: Phuq and Pheq are used interchangeably. This is wone oph the phew weirdein where there is no explicit us taken phrom another language. The us is presumed as in "we’re all phuq’d"

The tick can be added tew the end or beginning oph pheq or phuq tew give what would normally be other words in Anglish. Phuq’r/Pheq’r phor fucker, phuq’t phor fuck it, phuq’d phor fucked, phuq’ng phor fucking and sew on. d’phuq phor the fuck or what the fuck? Yer’phuq’d phor you are fucked and sew on. These ticks are the same on pheq as well.


Pronunciation: rape-toos


Dephinition: 1. sex 2. rape 3. the erotic arts oph sensual rape sex

Etymology: 1. Latin, raptus - ravage, rapture, rape, rapine, plunder, kidnap, abduct, hijack, heist 2. Frisian, us - us

Notes: As Feminists have said and women have agreed by their silence on the matter all sex is rape oph the phemale, even all not sex, just walking down the street is rape. Thus the masculinus quockspeak’n weirdein phor sex is rape, litrally.

That should satisphy their 50 shades phantasies.

The Masculinus Quockspeakein weirdein phor sex and rape are exactly the same. ALL sex is rape in Masculinus consciousness and ALL rape is sex. There are multiple kind oph rape, such as eye rape (looking at someone), birth rape (being born),rape rape (phorced sex against someone’s will) and more. All these phor good or ill are identiphied as both sex and rape.

This view is appropriated phrom radical feminists views which, since we have seen no feminists marching to disavow such views, we conclude are standard feminists views. Any that object to our agreeing with feminists on these matters are welcome to March against feminists and current American fbi law that also validates these views.

The weirdein phor sex and rape, Raptus, literally translates to "the creative arts oph rape sex" . It is raptus, phrom Latin raptus meaning ravage, rapture, rape, rapine, plunder, kidnap, abduct, hijack, heist. And phrom the Frisian word us meaning us.

Raptus may be used by itselph or mixed with other Quockspeakein weirdein to phurther dephine the nature oph raptus. Phor instance raptus’masculinus is sex either in which the masculinus takes the creative lead, or in which his pleasure is oph prime concern. Raptus’phemininus would be the same cases but with the phemale.

As the sense oph the weirdein is the creative arts of rape sex, there are dozens upon dozens oph phorms oph raptus. Raptus is thus not merely the physical act but all the preludes. Here are some examples.

Raptus’dechven (kiss rape, phrom weirdein dechven meaning breath. In Masculinus culture a kiss is the exchange oph breath oph the mahrea to reach other…​)

Raptus’raptus - phorced rape sex oph an unwilling partner.

Raptus’nasaq - phlirt. Literally nasaq is poke in Quockspeakein.

Raptus’mahrea - consumation oph marriage

Mahrea’raptus - conjugal rights.

It must be understood, that in Mahrea, raptus is a right oph all parties.

As can be seen, raptus has many phorms oph both good and bad kinds. Consent is presumed as an impossibility. Those without power cannot consent. More details on this will phollow in the masculinus book oph raptus.


Pronunciation: rye-nun


Dephinition: 1. the sacred our, the sacred ours

Etymology: 1. German, reinen - pure 2. Welsh, ein - us

Notes: Our, ours with a sacred sense oph pure Divinity, our divine inheritence. ours in the most sacred sense. wone might say Einein Pharm. but iph wone were tew say Reinein Pharm. then yew indicate a holiness tew it. a kindship a bond. a love.

This is ophten done with enemies tew begin restorative sacred bonding.


Pronunciation: say-muh-say-muh


Dephinition: 1. unity 2. disunity 3. litrally unity by accepting dipherences

Etymology: 1. Filipino, sama-sama - mixed, collective, concerted, united, conjoint, undivided 2. Yoruba, a - us

Notes: Masculinus unity is not based on never disagreeing but by disagreeing…​ agreeing tew disagree is a concept we dew not have. Instead we disagree, we argue..that we might come tew some agreement here and there.. Same-a Same-a…​..


Pronunciation: sor-she-ro-biz-guh


Dephinition: 1. phreedom is slavery 2. slavery is phreedom 3. re-meaning 4. war is peace 5. peace is war 6. man is woman 7. woman is man

Etymology: 1. Irish, saoire - phreedom 2. Croatian, rob - slave, bondman, bondservant, chattel, thrall, hellot 3. Uzbek, bizga - us

Notes: The book 1984 let us know that slavery is phreedom and phreedom is slavery, war is peace and peace is war…​ Saoirserobizga does not just mean freedom or slavery, it means both means means peace.. it means man is woman, woman is man, it means any situation where propaganda is used tew tell yew that that a certain word actually means its opposite…​its a 1984 warning.

The word can litrally be attached tew any other word..

Phreedom’saoirserobizga would mean slavery, Quock’saoirserobizga would mean a man pretending tew be a woman (trans). etc.


Pronunciation: seh-kee-nee-nah-mee


Dephinition: 1.power, strength 2. duty, obligation, responsibility.

Etymology: 1. Japanese, 責任 ( sekinin ) - responsibility, duty, liability, onus 2. Polish, nami - us



Pronunciation: see-dah-wah


Dephinition: 1. yes yes, aphirmative

Etymology: 1. Espanol, si - yes 2. Russian, da - yes 3. Yoruba, awa - us



Pronunciation: stah-muh-nuh


Dephinition: 1.race, tribe, ethnicity

Etymology: 1. Swedish, stam - tribe 2. English, mana - magick power 3. Hausa, mana - us

Notes: Literally the magical stamina oph us as a tribe.


Pronunciation: tah, tah-oo-uh


Dephinition: 1. am, are, is, be, doing, do, to, towards, phor, oph etc.

Etymology: 1. Irish, ta - is, am, are 2. Maori, taua - us

Notes: Masculinus does not have questions perse. We would not say…​ Are yew a Masculinus, we would say, tell me iph yew are a masculinus. That would be said as Demeus taua Masculinus! This would be with taua said as TA, indicating TELL ME…​ the answer would be Wemeus taua Masculinus with taua said as Tah-oo-ah the emphasize the demand phor inphormation is being answered…​





Dephinition: 1. world view

Etymology: 1. Irish, tir - land 2. Maori, tiro - view 3. Danish, os - us

Notes: Wone’s world view, tirtiros is as much moho as anything else. What yew see, what yew understand is phrom that inphormation that yew aquire and that is where yew derive yer world view phrom. It is as rightly wrong as anywone else’s tirtiros.


Pronunciation: tit-you-lah-tee-oos


Dephinition: 1. title

Etymology: 1. Latin, titulus - inscription, title, label, superscription, notice, honorary title

Notes: Yer titles such as Masculinus Primus, Masculinus Accolytus, Masculinus Magisticus undz so on.


Pronunciation: to-ho-o-po-no-po-no


Dephinition: 1. to make right 2. take take quoltlective sekininami, responsibility, phor all wrongs 3. sacred masculinus phemininus holy event wonce every sew many years laying the sins oph all on The Masculinus Primus

Etymology: 1. Japanese, 当方 (toho) - us 2. Hawaiian, ho’oponopono - to put to right; to put in order or shape, correct, revise, adjust, amend, regulate, arrange, rectify, tidy up, make orderly or neat

Notes: To make right, to take responsibility phor all things ever, 396% Masculinus Phemininus responsibility AND 167% Masculinus Phemininus Responsibility…​

Hawaiian words take can, like quockspeak’n and german, combine multiple words intew wone word, which still retain all the original meaning but have now an added meaning. Tew phully understand Tohooponopono, research Ho’oponopono…​


Pronunciation: oo-boon-too-mah-koo


Dephinition: 1. i exist as an individual because oph the collective 2. the collective exists because oph the individual 3. individualism, collectivism 4. individualism and collectivism can only exist iph both exist. 5. co-dependency, dependence on each other is the only way an individual can be an individual

Etymology: 1. Zulu, ubuntu - i am because we are. i exist because oph my society. 2. Telugu, maku - us



Pronunciation: unz-putch


Dephinition: 1. election, democracy, voting 2. phoolish governance 3. republic, elected ophicials, voters

Etymology: 1. German, uns - us 2. German, putsch - coup, literally thrust, blow

See Also: Minketing

Notes: A putsch is literally a coup, violent overthrow oph valid authority…​ which is what democracy and republics are. Except those that limit voting tew the skilled. Any time a vote is just allowed by any, the absolute worst cotastrophies in govramint occur because most people will not educate themselves about the phacts and will be swayed by emotions. Democracy and republic phurther allow the masses tew impose tyranny upon the phew.


Pronunciation: vyz-me-uh-vah-tah-yo


Dephinition: 1. insult 2. compliment

Etymology: 1. Russian, vysmeivat - make phun oph, ridicule, mock, deride, satirize, roast 2. Filipino, tayo - us

Notes: It is tew be noted that a masculinus cannot truly be insulted. All insults tew us are compliments. Tho we will demand retribution nonetheless.


Pronunciation: wuh-ting-tingz


Dephinition: 1. object, objects, thing, things 2. ideas, thots

Etymology: 1. Yoruba, wa - us 2. Chinese, 亭 ting tings - bandstand, sound oph innovation on an open mind

Notes: Tingtings was added to tings phrom the band The Ting Tings. This is the explanation oph how they got their name…​

White was a bartender at the Mill while De Martino produced tracks for various artists therein. The pair developed their sound from influences of performers at the Mill, and were inspired to form their own group, "The Ting Tings". "Ting Ting" was the name of a Chinese colleague of White at a shop, who told her that it sounded like the pronunciation of "bandstand" in Mandarin (亭).[7] The band researched the name and found it to also mean the "sound of innovation on an open mind".

things - named aphter the band The Ting Tings. Cause it just works.

We had originally been using tings tew mean things and someone saw and connected us tew the band The TingTings…​ sew.. ya


Pronunciation: var-dun, var-din


Dephinition: 1. languge, word, rhetoric, speech, oratory 2. prayer, spell

Etymology: 1. English, weird - weird 2. Welsh, ein - us

Notes: This is due to swipe keyboard swipes oph word turning into weird and Quockspeak’n being a weird language and just giving up and rephusing tew phight the G-ds undz the G-ddesses on the mattra.


Pronunciation: vem-ee-oos


Dephinition: 1. me 2. we, us

Etymology: 1. English, we - we 2. English, me - me 3. English, us - us

Notes: Litraly we me us.


Pronunciation: vih-min


Dephinition: 1. property 2. treasure 3. object 4. currency

Etymology: 1. English wymyn - women 2. Chinese 我們 (women) - us

Notes: Since certain feminists like tew use a ridiculous spelling oph women, meaning independent dont need no man woman, we thot we would honor them by including their ridiculous spelling in our ridiculously spelled language.

Wymyn does not mean AN object, or A thing or A treasure or possession, it means WOMEN as those things. Women are litrally the trading currency in Masculinus Quoltlectivus and Quozenhood.


Pronunciation: say-yee-soo


Dephinition: 1. protocol, speciphically masculinus protocol

Etymology: 1. Chinese, 協議 (xieyi) - protocol 2. Shona, isu - us

Notes: This is not just about howe we comport ourselves in Masculinus, but on the outside. It is The Masculinus Protocol. Phor instance a high level Masculinus will never meet with a low level politician or anything other than international media.

The xieyisu is always placing us above all others, no matter their stature or perceived power over us.


Pronunciation: yam-yam-yoo


Dephinition: 1. rest, sleep 2. too much rest, too much sleep, laziness

Etymology: 1. Azerbaijani, yamyam - cannibal, man eater, ogre 2. Hausa, mu - us


Sleep is an orge…​ we enter his mouth and are devoured by him…​ but we must always come back out. yamyamu is not just bout resting when needed or sleeping in actual, it is about resting on our laurel when we should acquire work and wealth.


Pronunciation: yang-pah-pah


Dephinition: 1. emotions, deep emotions, 2. crying

Etymology: 1. Korean, 양파 (yangpa) - onion 2. Sinhala, apa - us

Notes: Emotions are thot oph as cutting onions, a satirical way tew insist we are not actually emotional.. I was cutting onions…​ but that was 13 hours ago.. neinein! right now!


Pronunciation: yee-lee-phee


Dephinition: 1. supremacy

Etymology: 1. Finnish, yli - supreme, over, beyond, upward, across, 2. Chichewa, iphe - us

Notes: Litraly our shared supremacy over each other in all things. There is no word phor inpherior or equal or equality in Quocksiarad.


Pronunciation: zlat-er-rroo-noo


Dephinition: 1. celebrating an attack 2. attack as opportunity

Etymology: 1. Czech, zlate - golden 2. Czech, rouno - fleece 3. Somali, noo - us

Notes: Zlaterounoo is the golden ticket to turn the tables. literally using something said against us phor prophit. that which they intended phor evil we put to good.

A good example is the me too movement which keeps phalsely accusing men. The more men that are phalsely accused the better because then men will no longer believe a rape allegation without evidence. And in phact that is precisely what happened almost immediately when the mass number oph phalse allegations came out.

Another example is when they called Masculinus a cult. Well a cult sounds kinda phun sew now we a cult.

Another example is when they told us we were male supremacists, and wanted women crawling out our pheet. Well we did not know we wanted that but wonce they suggested it, it seemed quite alright an idea as ideas go and now any women among us must be sexy sexily dressed scantily clad sex slaves.

yer velkim cupcakes.